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EX-IQ’s revolutionary mobile and desktop applications empower life-long learners and leaders to make the most out of every moment. EX-IQ’s dynamic, artificial intelligence technology transforms any environment into a personalized high-speed learning laboratory—offering users unprecedented autonomy, efficiency, and productivity. Whether you’re a serious student, driven professional, or just insatiably inquisitive, EX-IQ is the tool of choice to radically transform your learning landscape.

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Join the community of professionals and students experiencing 30, 40, even 50 percent increases in productivity in work or school tasks. At EX-IQ, we create the most valuable of commodities for our users: time.

The internet age led to an explosion in the availability of knowledge and information, yet until now no platform has had the power to harness this tidal wave. With three breakthrough advancements, EX-IQ brings learning into the 21st century—unlocking exponential opportunity for individuals and teams alike to thrive and excel in an information age.

The EX-IQ Difference

Audio Unleashed

Put your intellectual achievement into overdrive with limitless audio content at your fingertips. EX-IQ’s cutting-edge technology effortlessly converts any written document into an interactive, high-quality IQBook. While other companies may offer text-to-speech services, EX-IQ is the first to produce “study grade” audio content specifically for learners. Our turn-key solution allows any individual or organization to transform their one-dimensional library of written material into a multisensory ecosystem featuring audible, interactive content.

Notetaking Transformed

Start learning at lightning speed with notetaking for audio content. Users listening to an IQBook can instantly highlight and tag sentences in the corresponding written document by simply tapping their phone screen or issuing a voice command. Even better, these highlighted sentences are automatically copied into a searchable, shareable, cloud-based notefile of the user’s choice. Dictated notes can be attached to the highlighted sentences or as standalone thoughts, thereby ensuring your next aha moment doesn’t get lost just because you’re on a plane, train, treadmill or commute. We want people around the world to discover their next breakthrough idea with EX-IQ.

Desktop Supercharged

Experience exponential productivity with EX-IQ’s supercharged desktop. Say goodbye to endless clicking, copying, pasting and searching across documents. EX-IQ’s web-based platform eliminates this “friction of learning” so your mind can expand according to its true potential rather than the limitations of your learning tools. Simply highlight any desired number of sentences from your computer, and EX-IQ automatically cuts and pastes them to a cloud-based note file of choice. A pop-up menu allows you to Tag and embed comments in the text as well. EX-IQ’s personalized portal gives you access to all of your mobile and desktop material in one intuitive, convenient place. Search across your EX-IQ material by tag, date, keyword or numerous other categories, and then download, export, or share important notes in seconds. We removed all the friction-filled tedium of learning and replaced it with speed and joy, just for you.

Experience the boundless potential of Exponential Learning

Say goodbye to static, slow desktop-bound reading, wasted commutes, lost ideas, and piecemeal learning productivity tools. No matter your age or learning goals, EX-IQ offers a single, dynamic platform for the insatiably inquisitive to step into a world of information and make it their own.


EX-IQ makes individual and group learning seamless, instant, and easy. Now, you can build your own learning library, draw connections between content, and collaborate with others like never before.

There are no shortcuts to learning. EX-IQ offers access to learning that is:


Learning is easier when we can engage information in multiple ways. Our high-quality audio content emphasizes a multisensory approach to learning that meets the needs of all types of learners. We know that everyone’s mind works differently. With EX-IQ your learning experience is as unique as you are.


Life is busy, and time is precious. EX-IQ eliminates the common frictions associated with inefficient notetaking methods, disjointed learning tools, one-dimensional reading content, and static learning environments. EX-IQ’s smart, seamless, and interactive approach to learning makes the processing, categorization and retrieval of information incredibly intuitive, lightning fast and hyper-efficient.


In today’s fast paced world, only EX-IQ unleashes exponential opportunity for learning and productivity while on-the-go. Whether you’re in a car, in the library, on a plane or at the gym, EX-IQ enables seamless and intuitive learning anywhere, at any time. We create the time necessary for you to achieve your goals and begin your next great adventure.

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Our technology is designed to meet the individual needs of every single learner and to journey with learners throughout time.

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“Balancing education and athletics is incredibly demanding. EX-IQ is a great learning tool for student athletes because it provides several ways to efficiently study, virtually anywhere.”


Professional Football Player

“I increased my test scores by 7 percentage points in my toughest class with EX-IQ. The ability to both read and listen to my course curriculum is a lifesaver, I can’t imagine going back to my old way of studying.”


Nursing Student

“Ex-IQ provides a unique and elegant solution that magically transforms my phone, and by extension my commute, into productive time for course prep, research, and brainstorming on the go. Ex-IQ’s technology is now integral to my work as a professor.”



“EX-IQ helped me pass a professional certification. The ability to listen to the material and highlight important topics was invaluable; I completed the requirements in half the time and passed on the first attempt.”


Compliance Manager

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