Understanding the Podcast Community with EX-IQ’s Survey

podcast community survey

Understanding the Podcast Community with EX-IQ’s Survey

In February of 2019, EX-IQ conducted a survey. With the goal of better understanding the behaviors of podcast listeners, we sought to use this data to inform the development of our products.

We surveyed 1,000 podcast listeners, and these are some of the things we discovered.

43% of podcast listeners are between the ages of 25-34.

Podcasts listeners are highly educated. The majority of listeners have earned certificates from trade schools, or have an Associates or Bachelor’s Degree or higher.

Knowing this, it’s no surprise that 67% of respondents agreed that podcasts contribute to their intellectual growth.

An Infographic of Behaviors in the Podcast Community

podcast community


The Podcast Community is Thriving

All of the data for our survey suggests one thing: The podcast community is thriving.

Listeners are enjoying podcasts almost everywhere; podcast listening is a habit that is easily integrated into other aspects of listener’s lives. This on-the-go capability means that podcasts as a medium will only continue to grow in popularity.

As creators continue to produce high-quality content, other aspects of the industry must also meet the demands of listeners.

NoteCast: A Podcast Player App Made for Listeners

With all of this data in mind, we created NoteCast.

NoteCast is the most versatile podcast player app available to the podcast community. Not only does NoteCast allow listeners to enjoy their favorite podcasts, but allows them to capture snippets of what they’ve heard.

The ability to save your insights as digital notes allows for further learning. Additionally, users can add their own notes, tags, and categories, which allows users to organize their insights.

All of these functions can be initiated using voice and touch commands, making NoteCast the most efficient and effortless podcast player app in existence.

Available on the App and Android stores, NoteCast can be used on mobile devices and desktops.

Its versatility and easy-to-use functions make NoteCast the ideal choice for those seeking a more efficient podcast listening experience.