EX-IQ’s Note Addresses eLearning Challenges

eLearning challenges

EX-IQ’s Note Addresses eLearning Challenges

Technology has demanded that educational forums change – and they’ve done just that. The problem is, eLearning platforms have not always been accessible or efficient.

Knowing the challenge that eLearning technologies have faced, how can we come to both improve learning experiences and provide educators with the tools they need?

eLearning is beginning to evolve for the better, and EX-IQ’s Note proves it by addressing eLearning challenges directly.

The Challenges of eLearning Technologies

Many higher education administrators are torn between traditional classroom learning and eLearning tools.  

Administrators have been cautious of eLearning technology for a variety of reasons.

Many eLearning platforms reside online. It’s no surprise that students of all ages find themselves studying the wrong information or even factually inaccurate information. This leads to a host of problems, on the side of the students and the educators.

Educational technologies can also be bombarding, leading to hours of studying but little retention. When overloaded with information, studies show that students don’t perform as well on assessments.

Administrators have also found that curating content on eLearning platforms is both time-consuming and challenging. Rather than spending time on managing hosted content, educators turn to more traditional mediums.  

Despite these challenges, eLearning tools aren’t going anywhere. The question is, who or what is going to create a tool that addresses these challenges while also putting educators and students first?

EX-IQ’s Note Makes eLearning More Efficient

Note, developed by EX-IQ, aims to confront the challenges that the eLearning community has previously experienced.  

This stand-alone app is available to students in conjunction with colleges and universities.  

Note serves students in two ways.

With Note, students can access their textbooks and study materials from anywhere. As long as they have a mobile device, they can learn.

Second, Note converts textbooks into audiobooks. Using voice and touch commands, students can save sections they want to highlight. Note will then transcribe what a student has found interesting and store it as a digital note. This note is forever saved on the Note app.

In Note, students can tag their notes and add comments to them as well. Even better, all notes are accessible in the Note portal, where students can search them by date or tag. Note automatically creates citations for these notes too, making studying, writing papers, and research more efficient.

So, why has EX-IQ developed Note to function in this way?

Millions of people have flocked to audio-based learning and entertainment for a reason; it’s evident through the growth of the podcast industry, for example.

It may be science that explains the draw to audio best; a study conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign found that in the brain interconnects hearing and the visual. To put it simply, the brain “sees what it hears.” In other words, your brain processes what it hears by recalling that knowledge in a visual (and relatable) form.

This audio to visual translation helps students to better connect with and remember what they’re hearing.

Not only does Note provide students with a comprehensive learning tool, but the app itself encourages microlearning, which is significantly more impactful. A recent survey, conducted by Software Advice, found that microlearning increased engagement by 50%.  

When Note is employed in classrooms and across degree-programs, administrators no longer have to worry about the content. EX-IQ helps the staff to upload and manage the resources that students require.

Lastly, EX-IQ’s Note aims to address the need and demand for more adaptive and flexible, yet equally informative, learning.

Now, EX-IQ is successfully applying these standard but often elusive educational practices to eLearning.

Are You Ready for Exponential Learning?

EX-IQ’s Note is a comprehensive tool with adaptive capabilities. Schools across the country are welcoming Note as a new face of eLearning.

Do you want to learn more about bringing Note to your college, university, trade school, or training curriculum? Contact us on our homepage!